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超级麦芽成立于2016年,致力于为中国本土客户提供优质的原料及设备,自成立以来已服务客户5000余人,销售品牌包括Briess、Weyermann、Yakima Chief、BSG、Grainfather等60余个,提供全球主要品牌商及供应商的产品多达600余种。高品质和多样性一直是我们追求的宗旨,我们会努力为用户提供质量最好品种最丰富的产品。

SUPERMALT, founded in 2016, is dedicated to provide quality ingredients and equipments for local customers. We have served more than 5,000 customers since its inception, We sales more than 600+ products of 60+ brands including Briess, Weyermann, Yakima Chief, BSG, Grainfather, etc. High quality and diversity have always been our aim, and we will strive to provide users with the best quality and most abundant products.

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Yang Guang
CEO / Founder

Senior Designer, Baidu
Chief Designer, Fetion App

Haiping Liu
Lead Designer

Chief Designer, Netqin
Designer, Motorola Mobile

Liang Ding
COO / Customer Services

Operations Director, Pacific Coffee
Chief Editor, <Meeting China> Magazine